Bild: Icarus-II3-30km-38mm.jpg

Data Altitude: 30 km
Focal Length (35 mm equivalent): 38 mm
Original www.flickr.com IMG_1610
Source www.flickr.com
Autor Robert Harrison
Copyright This is a collection of all the pictures taken on the various launches. As an individual you are welcome to use these images for personal use ie not for profit.
Commercial use must get permission from me rharrison@hgf.com
Upload Mittwoch, 7. März 2018; wabis
Grösse 576 kB
Masse 1200 x 800 Pixel


Canon Model ID - PowerShot A560
Date and Time (Modified) - 2009:06:28 06:16:23
Measured EV - 12.41
Target Aperture - 7.1
Target Exposure Time - 1/1244
File Number - 104-1610
Canon Image Width - 3072
Canon Image Height - 2304
Compression - JPEG (old-style)
Camera ID - 72157600291685735


According to IMAGING RESOURCE the Canon PowerShot A560 used for this picture has a Barrel Distortion on the wideangle setting of 35 mm (35 mm equivalent) of 0,8%.

Informationen zum BildCanonA560BarrelDistortion35mm.jpg

This distortion is corrected in the picture above with Adobe LightRoom setting +8 for Lens Correction. I checked whether this LightRoom setting cancels the barel distortion correctly by applying it on the the published Test-picture.

Due to the image correction and change in format of 1:1.33 to 1:1.5 the focal length is now corresponding to about 38 mm.

I couldn't find an altitude measure for this picture but similar pictures taken from similar balloons of Robert Harrison are stated as between 30 km and 35 km altitude.

According to cnet.com the PowerShot A560 has a zoom range of 5,8 mm to 23,2 mm, which corresponds a 35 mm equivalent of 35 mm to 140 mm.

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