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Full Disk Images and Movies of the Himawari Weather Satellites

⇒ agora.ex.nii.ac.jp

This page provides a part of Himawari 8 data since July 7, 2015, and Himawari 9, which is waiting for backup. Geostationary Meteorological Satellites: Himawari, GOES, GMS and MTSAT and Satellite Images (Photographs) provides the basic information, and Himawari-8 Watching (in Japanese) provides other latest information.

Himawari Viewer
shows thumbnails of a time range and provides a viewer to zoom in on an image of 11,000×11,000 px resolution

The first true-color image from Himawari 9 in 11,000×11,000 px resolution

See also: SLIDER: Satellite Loop Interactive Data Explorer in Realtime | Satellite Data Services Inventory


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  • walter.bislins.ch/bloge/?page=Globe+Earth+and+beyond
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