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  1. Advanced Earth Curvature Calculator
  2. Bild:EightInchesPerMileSquared.png
  3. Bild:EightInchesPerMileSquared2.png
  4. Can we see the Oblateness of the Earth on Satellite Images?
  5. Cavendish Experiment Simulator
  6. Centrifugal and Gravitational Acceleration in an Aircraft
  7. Comparison of Globe and Flat-Earth Model Predictions with Reality
  8. Creating an Equinox Sundial made of Paper
  9. Creating Flight Plans for Flat Earth
  10. Curvature App
  11. Curvature App Demos Code
  12. Curvature App: Simulation of Globe-Earth and Flat-Earth
  13. Derivation of Special Relativity from basic observable Principles
  14. Display Geo Data
  15. Distances on Globe and Flat Earth
  16. Earth Curve Pandulator
  17. Earth Gravity Calculator
  18. Eight Inches per Miles squared Formula Derivation
  19. FECore Errors in LASER Level Experiments
  20. Flat Earth Dome Model
  21. Flat-Earth: Finding the curvature of the Earth
  22. GeoData:MyData.js
  23. George Hnatiuk
  24. Globe Arc Projection to Flat Earth
  25. Gravity and how the Heliocentric Model works
  26. JavaScript: Creating Flight Plans for Flat Earth
  27. Jesse Kozlowski
  28. Perspective on a Globe
  29. Rainy Lake Experiment 2018
  30. Rainy Lake Experiment, Location Graph and Data
  31. Real-Color images of the earth from the satellite Himawari (JMA)
  32. Refraction Simulation Help
  33. Search and Rescue Mission Contest
  34. Simulation Code of Solar System Animation explained
  35. Simulation of Atmospheric Refraction
  36. Soundly
  37. Source Code: Advanced Earth Curvature Calculator
  38. Source Code: Cavendish Experiment Simulator
  39. Source Code: Centrifugal and Gravitational Acceleration in an Aircraft
  40. Source Code: Curvature App
  41. Source Code: Distances on Globe and Flat Earth
  42. Source Code: Earth Gravity Calculator
  43. Source Code: Equinox Sundial
  44. Source Code: FE-Dome App
  45. Source Code: Refraction Simulator
  46. Source Code: Search and Rescue Mission Contest
  47. Source Code: Solar System Animation
  48. sync_Display Geo Data.txt
  49. The True Face of the Earth, Camera Distance matters
  50. Upload Geo Data
  51. Waltis blog
  52. WGS84 Calculator
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