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  1. Advanced Earth Curvature Calculator
  2. Barometric Formula
  3. Bild:2019-01-05 Visualizing GPS Causeway.PNG
  4. Bild:EightInchesPerMileSquared.png
  5. Bild:EightInchesPerMileSquared2.png
  6. Blog Admin
  7. Calculating left-right Horizon Drop
  8. Calculator for Refractivity based on Ciddor Equation
  9. Calculator: Parallax Triangles
  10. Calculators and Units Converters
  11. Calculators, Equations and other Stuff
  12. Can we see the Oblateness of the Earth on Satellite Images?
  13. Cavendish Experiment Simulator
  14. Centrifugal and Gravitational Acceleration in an Aircraft
  15. Comparison of Globe and Flat-Earth Model Predictions with Reality
  16. Convert KML File Data to CSV Format for Geo Data App
  17. Creating an Equinox Sundial made of Paper
  18. Creating Flight Plans for Flat Earth
  19. Curvature App
  20. Curvature App Demos Code
  21. Curvature App: Simulation of Globe-Earth and Flat-Earth
  22. Curved Horizon from 46,000 ft through a HUD, CurvApp overlay
  23. Derivation of Special Relativity from basic observable Principles
  24. Deriving Equations for Atmospheric Refraction
  25. Determining the Shape of the Earth with Zenith Angle Measurements
  26. Display Geo Data
  27. Distances on Globe and Flat Earth
  28. Earth Gravity Calculator
  29. Eight Inches per Miles squared Formula Derivation
  30. Ellipse Connection between Focal Point Angle and Area
  31. FECore Errors in LASER Level Experiments
  32. Field Artillery Manual accounts for Earth's Rotation
  33. Flat Earth Dome Model
  34. Flat Earth Topics
  35. Flat-Earth: Finding the curvature of the Earth
  36. George Hnatiuk
  37. Globe Arc Projection to Flat Earth
  38. Globe Earth and beyond
  39. Gravitational Acceleration and Potential Field of a Cylinder
  40. Gravity and how the Heliocentric Model works
  41. Gravity on an infinite Flat Earth Plane
  42. Horizon and Refraction explained
  43. ISS Tracks on Flat Earth
  44. JavaScript Barometric Formula
  45. JavaScript: Creating Flight Plans for Flat Earth
  46. JavaScript: Gravitational Acceleration and Potential Field of a Cylinder
  47. Jesse Kozlowski
  48. Kinematic of a Sphere Description
  49. Knowledge Base
  50. Measuring Curvature and Refraction is done
  51. Measuring the Collimation Error of an Autolevel, Two Peg Test
  52. Method to calculate the Radius of the Earth from 3 Points
  53. Patents for Erection Mechanisms of Attitude Indicators (AI)
  54. Perspective on a Globe
  55. Radius of Earth at Great Salt Lake Desert Rte 80
  56. Rainy Lake Experiment: Comments
  57. Rainy Lake Experiment: CurveAppData.csv
  58. Rainy Lake Experiment: Equations
  59. Rainy Lake Experiment: Equipment
  60. Rainy Lake Experiment: GNSS Data Files
  61. Rainy Lake Experiment: GNSS Data Viewer
  62. Rainy Lake Experiment: in a Nutshell
  63. Rainy Lake Experiment: Location Graph and Data
  64. Rainy Lake Experiment: Targets
  65. Rainy Lake Experiment: WGS84 Calculator
  66. Real-Color images of the earth from the satellite Himawari (JMA)
  67. Refraction Simulation Help
  68. Search and Rescue Mission Contest
  69. Select Geo Data
  70. Simulation Code of Solar System Animation explained
  71. Simulation of Atmospheric Refraction
  72. Soundly
  73. Source Code: Advanced Earth Curvature Calculator
  74. Source Code: Cavendish Experiment Simulator
  75. Source Code: Centrifugal and Gravitational Acceleration in an Aircraft
  76. Source Code: Curvature App
  77. Source Code: Distances on Globe and Flat Earth
  78. Source Code: Earth Gravity Calculator
  79. Source Code: Equinox Sundial
  80. Source Code: FE-Dome App
  81. Source Code: Refraction Simulator
  82. Source Code: Search and Rescue Mission Contest
  83. Source Code: Solar System Animation
  84. Strong Refraction Simulation and Reality for 2 Oil Platforms
  85. The Rainy Lake Experiment
  86. The True Face of the Earth, Camera Distance matters
  87. To Pako
  88. Transformations
  89. Units Converting Tables and Formulas
  90. Upload Geo Data
  91. Waltis blog
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