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Here are some links to Calculators, link to Equations and their derivation and links to pages that don't have a dedicated blog page yet or are more an addition to some pages than their own topic.


Calculators and Units Converters
A variety of calculators collected on one place.

Advanced Earth Curvature Calculator
Calculation and visualisation of earth curvature related properties like hidden parts for globe and flat earth.

Simulation of Atmospheric Refraction
The interactive Refraction Simulator on this page renders scenes as seen on atmospheric conditions you can provide.

Display Geo Data
App to display ECEF coordinates gathered with GNSS. Default shows Lake Ponchartrain Causeway overlayed with Soundly's image.

WGS84 Calculator
WGS84 based transformations of vectors between ECEF cartesian and geodetic coordinates (lat,long,height).

Earth Gravity Calculator
Calculates the effective gravitational acceleration, the pure gravitational acceleration and the centrifugal acceleration for any point on the Reference Ellipsoid or above.

Creating Flight Plans for Flat Earth
This App lets you create a Flight Plan based on the Flat Earth Model and view the calculated track on flat earth and globe.

Distances on Globe and Flat Earth
Calculate the shortest distance between two points for globe and flat earth.

Centrifugal and Gravitational Acceleration in an Aircraft
Calculation of the Eötvös effect on a weight in a aircraft, taking speed, direction, latitude and altitude into account.

Calculator: Parallax Triangles

Cavendish Experiment Simulator

Calculator for Refractivity based on Ciddor Equation

Gravitational Acceleration and Potential Field of a Cylinder

Derivations of Equations

Eight Inches per Miles squared Formula Derivation
Calculating the accuracy of the approximation 8" per miles squared equation. Derivation of the exact and approx. equation.

Exact Equations for the Hidden Height (Destination PageAdvanced Earth Curvature Calculator)

Rainy Lake Experiment: Equations
Derivation of curvature drop, horizon distance, refraction angle and lift.

Deriving Equations for Atmospheric Refraction
Derivation of equations for terrestrial atmospheric refraction from basic physical laws.

WGS84 Coordinate System
Equations to transform vectors between ECEF cartesian and geodetic coordinates.

Derivation of Special Relativity from basic observable Principles

Method to calculate the Radius of the Earth from 3 Points

Globe Arc Projection to Flat Earth
Equations and Script to project a circle on a globe to the flat earth

Gravity on an infinite Flat Earth Plane
Derivation of equations to calculate gravity for an infinite plane

Barometric Formula
Equations for pressure, density and temperature for the International Standard Atmosphere

Other Stuff

Measuring Curvature and Refraction is done

Ships Over The Horizon, Globe vs. Flat Earth

Strong Refraction Simulation and Reality for 2 Oil Platforms
I managed to reproduce a rare refraction situation that gave raise to discussions for flat earthers.

Curved Horizon from 46,000 ft through a HUD, CurvApp overlay
The horizon drop and the curvature of the horizon match exactly the prediction of the Curvature App

Horizon and Refraction explained
Visialisation of apparent horizon at different looming confitions

Radius of Earth at Great Salt Lake Desert Rte 80

Causeway Measuring Radius of the Earth

Patents for Erection Mechanisms of Attitude Indicators (AI)
Collection of patents of erection mechanisms for mechanical attitude indicators.

Field Artillery Manual accounts for Earth's Rotation

ISS Tracks on Flat Earth

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