Convert KML File Data to CSV Format for Geo-Data App

With this page you can convert a KML file e.g. from a GPS device into a CSV format that can be uploaded to this web server on the page Upload Geo-Data and displayed with the Geo-Data Visualisation and Calculator App.

Copy the content of a KML file into the text area below and click one of the Convert buttons. The Convert function searches for localtions in the KML file, which are given as latitude, longitude and ellipsoid height, converts it into ECEF format (Earth Centered, Earth Fixed) and writes it in CSV format in the text area below.

Copy the generated CSV data and paste it in the text area of the Upload Geo-Data page to upload it to the web server.

KML files contain data in different formats. Depending on the format you have to use the corresponding Convert button. The following formats are currently implemented:

Convert <gx:track>

  <gx:coord>longitude latitude elevation</gx:coord>

Convert <Placemark>


Convert Lat/Long


Convert Lat/Long/Elev

  <b>Ellipsoid Height</b> : elev<br/>

Convert Time and Format X,Y,Z Coords

You can also use this forms to convert from some time formats to standard time format yyyy-mm-ddThh:nn:ssZ and shorten the X,Y,Z coordinates to mm accuracy.

KML Data

CSV Formated Data:

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