Curvature App: Simulation of Globe-Earth and Flat-Earth

For a full Description see Finding the curvature of the Earth.

  • Curve
  • Causeway
  • TrnsmLine
  • Grace
  • Chicago
  • Canigou
  • Bedford
  • Tensas
  • Soundly
  • Custom
  • Reset

Click a Button to Start a Demo. Click again to skip one step. Click the Animation to start/stop. See also Controls below.

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  • Refraction
  • Units
  • Save/Restore
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Please read the paragraph on Refraction to get familiar with this panel.

Use this Formular to convert between different lengh units. You can Copy/Paste the results into input fields in the other Forms.

Get App State Get App Url Set App State Compact Clear

Use this panel to save a certain App state by Get App State and use Copy/Paste to save the state in an external text file. Use Copy/Paste to copy a saved state from an external text file into this panel and click Set App State to activate this state. You can change the Parameters in this panel and apply them by pressing the RETURN button on the keyboard.

Use Get App Url to get an URL containing the current App State. Click Set App State oder copy the URL into any browser address field to go to this page and display the current App State.

Computed Values

(Click: Zoom)
ZoomImage-InformationsBerechnete Werte
(Click: Zoom)
ZoomImage-InformationsÜbersichtsplan zur Simulation

URL Parameters

The App can be called with URL some parameters to set a specific App State:

You can use the Save/Restore Panel with the Button Get App URL to get an URL from the current state of the App. Copy this URL into any Web-Form (e.g. YouTube comment) and by clicking the link this page is opened with the saved state from the URL.

  • To start a certain Demo with the URL, append
    &demo=DemoName to the page URL, where DemoName is the Name of some of the Demo Buttons above the App Dispalay.
  • To set a demo to a specific position, append
  • To run a demo from a specific position, append
  • To open a specific Panel, append
    &tab=TabName, where TabNam is View, Obj1, Obj2, Refr, Unit or SaveRest.
  • To load a Custom Demo, that is a Demo programmed by another autorized user, append
    &custon=CustomDemo, where CustomDemo is the name, the user gave to one of his Demos.

Some parameters may be combined in one URL, eg, &custom=CustomDemo&demo=Custom&play=3&tab=Refr

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