Rainy Lake Experiment: GNSS Data Files

With this page you can inspect the Rainy Lake Experiment GNSS Data that can be viewed in 3D in the App GNSS Data Viewer.

List of available Data Files

Click one of the following File Names to show the data visually in the App GNSS Data Viewer, or click Show Raw Data to load the GNSS Raw Data in the text field below.

Data File Name:

Data Format

The data specifies for each data point an ID, Earth Centered Earth Fixed (ECEF) X,Y,Z coordinates, a description and optionally an EGM96 Elevation in this order. Some parameters at the begin of the data control the GNSS Data Viewer.

$Parameter = value
ID, X, Y, Z, Description, Elevation

ECEF: (Earth Centered, Earth Fixed) is an orthogonal coordinate system, that has the origin on the mass center of the earth, X axes pointing to the 0-meridian, X/Y plane in the equatorial plane, Y axes pointing to east longitude 90° and Z axis pointing to the north pole. The coordinates are expressed in meters.

EGM96: (Earth Gravitational Model 1996) is a geopotential model of the Earth consisting of spherical harmonic coefficients complete to degree and order 360. The EGM96 model defined the Geoid heights for the whole world.

Elevation: The elevation here is the height of a data point above or below the reference geoid, a mathematical model of the Earth's sea level as an equipotential gravitational surface, see Obtaining Elevations (Destination PageRainy Lake Experiment: Location Graph and Data).

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