Select Geo-Data

This is a list of files containing GPS data points that can be displayed and investigated with the Geo-Data Visualisation and Calculator App or displayed below as the raw data. Some data points (mostly flights) were collected with GPS trackers, other data points were collected using proffessional grade GPS devices using Differential GPS methods down to cm accuracy. See Discussion: Select Geo-Data for how the data was gathered.

Data File List

Click one of the following File Names to show the data visually in the Geo-Data Visualisation and Calculator App. Scroll down in the App to see all the coordinates. Click a point to see additional calculated values for any data point.

Selected Data File

Click on show data right of a filename in the Data File List to load the raw data into the text fields below. You can then copy the text and save it in a file on your computer for further processing.

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