Sunset Simulation vs. Reality

This is an example of atmospheric refraction at sunset. The ground at sunset cools down so it is cooler than the air above. This causes a positive temperature gradient. The air at the ground is denser than farther above, which causes looming. The gradient evens out to standard refraction with increasing altitude. This is why the sun at the bottom appears more loomed than at the top and gives it the shape we see in this image.

Image-Informations2021-05-03 Sunset Simulation vs. Reality.jpg

Laser Tests

Imagine a laser placed behind and below the horizon like the bottom of the sun. Wouldn’t it bend along the curvature and appear to come from above the horizon like the light of the bottom part of the sun?

This is an example of a condition flat earthers use to make their long distance laser experiments over cool water. Every time the ground is cooling down after sunset you get looming like shown here. And of course you will see the laser appear above the horizon, although it is actually below the horizon. This footage proves this fact impressively.

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Created Monday, May 3, 2021
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