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My name is Walter Bislin, alias Wabis. I was born in 1959 and have a Masters Degree in Electrical Engineering and System Engineering. My main interests are Programming, Physics, Mathematics, Avionic and playing Keyboard.

Please contact me at walter@bislins.ch


I have a Diploma as an Ingenieur in Elektronik, Mess- und Regeltechnik (EMRT) and a Master in Systemtechnik. I worked as a Senjor Software Engineer and implemented as such mostly graphics systems and self designed programming languages (one of it similar to JavaScript in a time where it was not yet known).


Since finishing my study at Neu Technikum Buchs (NTB) in 1983 I am constantly continuing my education in theoretical physics (theory of special and general relativity, some quantum mechanics), aviatic and how to fly commercial airplanes.

I love playing Keyboard and, some time ago, flying with the MS Flight Simulator. One of my main hobbies now is my Website, which I programmed myself. It's core consists of a self developped Wiki (Content Management System) very similar to Wikipedia, which does not need a data base.

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