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Showing 2 images from video footage with lens correction applied for GoPro HERO in Adobe Lightroom. Right image from ground shows flat horizon. left image at 73,2 km = 240 000 ft shows curvature as computed by my Curvature Simulator App.

Footage from: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JNPpdHYD8jo

Video from our New Shepard flight on April 2, 2016 showing flight of the booster from just ahead of reentry through descent and landing. Video is from the GH2 vent camera located just below the booster’s ring fin.

This images were used in a comment of me to a youtube video, where on the original footage a transformation is applied, claiming to simulate a 35 mm image, but in a way that all frames show a flat horizon. In compairison, my images show curvature at altitude.

I have analysed his video in detail and compaired it with my version to see why his version shows no curvature at all. See FE: Lens Correction applied on a Video from Space for my discoveries.

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