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Source Youtube: TestingTheGlobe's Second High-Altitude Balloon Launch, Rob Skiba, Time 1:47:51
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Image from a high altitude balloon taken with a GoPro, fitted with a 7,2 mm = 41 mm 35 mm equivalent lense, no fish eye distortion. I put the altitude of 94 000 ft = 28,7 km, f = 41 mm, FoV = 55,6° and aspect ratio 16:9 into my Earth Curvature Simulator and overlayed the calculated grid over the footage.

 Earth Curvature Simulator

To eliminate the possibility of a small distortion I choose an image where the horizon crosses the center of the screen. Lines crossing the center of a lense don't get distorted.

It matches perfectly, the image shows the predicted curvature of the earth.

Some data for this image from my simulator:

Altitude 94 000 ft = 28,7 km
Focal Length GoPro 7,2 mm
35 mm equivalent Focal Length 41 mm
Field of View 55,6°
Distance to Horizon along Surface 603,6 km
Distance to Horizon Line of Sight 605,4 km
Dipping Angle 5,428°
Drop from Surface 28,57 km
Drop from Eye Level 57,27 km
Grid Line Spacing 13,4 km
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