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Source Amateur Rocket reaches 221000 ft
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This picture shows 3 screenshots of the rocket camera, which seams not to use a fisheye lens (on the ground the horizon is straight). To analyse, whether the pictures show earths curvature or not, I compressed the images horizontally, as shown on the left stripe of each screenshot. We can see an increasing curvature with increasing altitude.

See Finding the curvature of the Earth to find out, how much curvature is predicted by the globe earth and flat earth model, by entering 36880 for Height and play with the Zoom slider to see how the focal length of a lens affects the apparent curvature.

For those who are sceptical concerning whether the images are distorted by a wideangle lens or not, on the middle image the horizon is at the center of the image. Lines going through the center of an image are not distorted by any lens. The middle image shows curvature of the earth at the center of the image, so the earth is curved!

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