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Screenshot of the Curvature App of the Skunk Bay scene from the video Skunk Bay Revisited. It shows how heigh the Cypress Island in the background should appear on the Flat Earth (left) and the Globe (right).

Skunk Bay Globe and Flat Earth Prediction

On the Globe with standard refraction, 202 m of the 461 m high Island should be hidden. If the plateau in front of it were not there, 259 m should be visible. But about half of the island is hidden by the plateau, so only about 130 m of the island is visible.

On the Flat Earth without refraction, if the island would not be partially hidden by the plateau in front of it, the whole 461 m would be visible. The top of the island would appear much higher than on the Globe.

The refraction neccessary to lower the island the amount we see in the footage would require a temperature gradient of −15°C/100 m, which is physically impossible at an observer altitude of more than 50 ft above the ground. Such a gradient requires a hot surface below cool air. Water in a lake is never hot. If it were, the air would get heated by the ground and raise up. This convection currents would produce very blurry unsteady images. But the footage shows a clear image.

This footage is impossible on a Flat Earth.


Object Distance Height
Obsever ~60 ft ~18 m
Bush Point (light house) 7,7 mi 12,4 km ~35 ft ~11 m
Shorline 17 mi 27,4 km
Plateau 18 mi 29 km 180 ft 55 m
Cypress Island 45 mi 72,4 km 1512 ft 461 m

For more information and a link to the original video see Skunk Bay Revisited.

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