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José presented on a life stream on YouTube 2 images of clouds taken at the same time from the ISS and the Himawari 8 satellite. The globers in the panel agreed after some time of getting familiar with the 2 images, that they show exactly the same cloud formation (see the images top left and right below). A flat earthers comment was:

RAQIA LIFE: Lol y’all really think those 2 clouds were the same.

Do the Clouds match?

The ISS has an altitude of 400 km, the Himawari 8 has an altitude of 35 800 km. So while the ISS only sees a circle with radius 2257 km of the earth, the Himawari can see almost 50% of the earth. So the clouds on the border of pictures of the Himawari are squeezed in the radial direction.

I rotated and streched the Himawari image to match as good as possible the view of the ISS (bottom image). I also adjusted the colors to match the ISS image. Because I only could apply linear transformations but the original Himawari image is from a globe and from another orientation, the matching is not perfect. But I think we can clearly see that both images show exactly the same cloud formations. Differences in the shadows of the clouds are due to the different vertical viewing angles. The ISS view is pretty much from the top while on the Himawari image, the clouds are seen more from the side.

Comparison Clouds Iss Himawari

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