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The video was taken with GoPro4 cameras. This cameras have fisheye lenses with 18mm focal length. Fisheye lenses distort streight lines which do not cross the center of the image to curves. Curves will be even more bendt. It can be expected, that the earth looks too much curved or even concave in this videos.

How can we tell how much the earth is really curved, if at all? There is hope:

I took some screen shots of the video and applied a GoPro4 lens correction in adobe lightroom. The result is, that the earth looks much less curved now. But the curvature is still verry noticable! And the curvature maches after applying the lens correction on all pictures exactly, no matter if the horizon crosses the center of the picture or not. And the curvature maches the simulatet curvature for 120 km height and 18 mm focal length pretty well.

See here for some examples with overlayed graphic from the simulation:

The simulation can be found here:


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