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Published on Jul 6, 2019

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Himawari 8 Satellite Timelapse collection: Volcanoes Eclipses Storms Land Sea & Ice This is a collection of custom made himawari 8 timelapses, made using the himawari real-time site. This video took an incredible amount of work, these clips are not auto generated, they are made from single images strung together to create video footage. 1 second of video equals about 10-15 images.

Thanks you so much for watching, I really appreciate it.👍🤙😎

Music: March on by Ethan Meixsell

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I have no problem with any of my videos being mirrored, in fact I encourage it. All I ask is that you link the original video in your description. 95% of my content is my own creation, photos, video, graphics. Please respect that

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