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Apllication of wheel brakes:

The decision whether immediate-, delayed, masnual- or automatic braking is being applied must be compatible with:

- Avail. RWY length after touchdown - Touchdown speed - Aircraft gross weight - RWY surface condition - Wind component - Avail. of reverse thrust

When using ABS (Autobrake System):

- The pilot flying monitores function and deceleration level. If the performance of the ABS is unsatisfactory, manual braking shall be applied in time. In any case autobrake should be disarmed before 20 kt to avoid brake jerks at low speed.

When using manual braking:

- at the beginning of brake application the pilot flying calls out "BRAKING" - Normally once initiated, depress the brakes pedals until taxi speed is reached.

So steht es in den SOP's (Standart OPerating Proceedures) von SWISS!


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