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Beschreibung Observable reduction in G due to Centrifugal force caused by flying across Earth's curvature. See Centrifugal and Gravitational Acceleration in an Aircraft for more Information.
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Autor Wolfie6020, Captain of a Bombardier Global Express aircraft
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On this trip we were flying East with a Ground Speed of 600+ knots due to a healthy tail wind.

We were about 35 South Latitude. The Earth's rotation at this point results in a speed of roughly 740 Knots. Combining both speeds means we were flying at a speed equivalent to 1340 Knots across a stationary Sphere. Calculating Centrifugal force based on Earth's Radius and this tangential velocity results in 0.007 G.

The accelerometer in the Aircraft rounds this to 0.01 and it can be clearly seen that our speed across the Earth has "reduced" the apparent G felt on board the aircraft by about 1%

The G meter is reading 0.99 in level flight. On the Ground it reads 1.00 always and I will show this in a more detailed future video.

Travelling West at the same Latitude also results in 1.00 as we are now flying opposite to the Earth's rotation so the equivalent speed across a stationary Sphere is much lower. On my next West Bound trip I will take a video showing this also.


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