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This image is an overlay of the Curvature App calculated grid onto the following original image: Bild: iss049e004516.jpg

ISS049e004516 (09/16/2016) This nighttime view of northern Egypt and the Sinai Peninsula was captured by the Expedition 49 crew aboard the International Space Station. The city of Cairo can be seen to the left at the top of the Nile river. Atop the sparsely lit Sinai Peninsula can be seen cities in Israel, including the brightly lit city of Tel Aviv on the Israeli coast along the Mediterranean sea.


Download the original image with EXIF data included: www.nasa.gov

Eigenschaft Wert
Kamera NIKON D4
Blendenzahl F/1.4
Belichtungszeit 1/20 Sek.
ISO-Empfindlichkeit ISO-5000
Lichtwert 0 Schritte
Brennweite 28 mm
Maximale Blende 1
Messmodus Einpunkt
35mm Brennweite 28
Belichtungsprogramm Manuell
Weissausgleich Automatisch
Digitalzoom 1
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