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4/8/2022 Why Celestial Navigation requires a Globe wabis
7/21/2017 The True Face of the Earth, Camera Distance matters wabis
11/9/2021 Surface of Rotating Water as Proof of Gravity wabis
7/20/2019 Proof of Earth Curvature: The Rainy Lake Experiment wabis
12/30/2017 Perspective on a Globe wabis
7/28/2023 Measuring Earths Radius like Al-Biruni taking Refraction into account wabis
5/6/2021 Is the Constellation Big Dipper visible from Antarctica? wabis
7/7/2021 How Airplanes follow the Curvature of the Earth, Physics Simulation wabis
5/7/2019 Gravity on an infinite Flat Earth Plane wabis
9/29/2021 GPS Flight Data and the Shape of the Earth wabis
10/19/2018 Globe Arc Projection to Flat Earth wabis
4/6/2018 Flat Earth Dome Model wabis
1/7/2019 Finding the Curvature of the Earth wabis
8/29/2022 Erie Canal GPS Benchmarks prove the Earth is not Flat wabis
4/16/2018 Eight Inches per Miles squared Formula Derivation wabis
5/23/2017 Distances on Globe and Flat Earth wabis
2/12/2020 Determining the Shape of the Earth with Zenith Angle Measurements wabis
9/7/2017 Creating Flight Plans for Flat Earth wabis
9/22/2018 Creating an Equinox Sundial made of Paper wabis
12/3/2018 Comparison of Globe and Flat-Earth Model Predictions with Reality wabis
1/25/2017 Centrifugal and Gravitational Acceleration in an Aircraft wabis
10/15/2017 Can we see the Oblateness of the Earth on Satellite Images? wabis
11/29/2021 Bolivia Salt Flat is not Flat wabis
6/28/2022 Blue Origin Flat Earth Video Analysis wabis
8/31/2018 Advanced Earth Curvature Calculator wabis
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