Causeway Data and Model Data

Official Website of Causeway with clearance and some other data:

All 6529 GPS data points measured by Jesse Kozlowski using Differential GPS to 5 cm accuracy:

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To calculate data between 2 points, click first point, ctrl-click first point again and shift-click second point.
To calculate data between 3 points, click middle point, ctrl-click first point, shift-click last point.

Select Tab "Image" and move the slider "Alpha" to the left to hide the oberlay image.

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Video Report Jesse, Soundly and me about the GPS measurements:

Mean GPS Elevation: about 5.7 m (measured at the antenna on the roof of the car).

Antenna Height: 1.53 m above the road.
See Video Timestamp: Measuring the Antenna Height:

Road Elevation = Measured GPS Elevation of Antenna - Antenna height above road = 5.7 m - 1.5 m = 4.2 m Note: GPS Elevation = Height above Geoid (mean sea level) as recorded by differential GPS

Distance between center of both right lanes (GPS) about 39-42 m.

My Model:

I have all data measured in google earth and estimated from online photo and video footage. I noticed that the bridge is very symmetrically. I could divide the bridge into 127 segments of 300 m length. So each ramp has a length of 300 m and the marine spans are all 300 m too. This is only an approximation, but works for my model. The huds are placed in the same raster. In reality they are not spaced exactly by a multiple of 300 m, but the model matches reality good enough.

For the small ship passages I used 5 + 3 m road surface height

For the 4 mile passage I used 5 + 12.1 m

For the 12 mile passage I used 5 + 9.1 m

I'm not sure whether this are the correct values, because the published values are the heights from the water level to the under side of the bridge. But the model looks about right.

The huts I placed at the positions: 300 m * [ 6, 12, 18, 25, 32, 39, 44, 49, 55, 61, 67, 73, 84, 89, 96, 103, 110, 116, 122 ]

The lane connection bridges I placed at 300 m * [ 18, 39, 44, 61, 84, 89, 110 ].

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