Creating Flight Plans for Flat Earth

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This App lets you create a Flight Plan based on the Flat Earth Model.

Note: This Flight Plans must not be used in real flights, because the plans produced by this App are not accurate, because the earth is not flat but a globe.

This App is an answer to the Flat Earth Challenge - 9 months later Flat Earth Airlines is still grounded from the pilot Wolfie6020 to Flat Earthers, to produce a Flight Plan based on the Flat Earth model, so it can be compared to real Flight Plans. Since after 9 months no Flat Earther was able or willing to provide such a Flight Plan, I decided to create this App. Just for fun.

Flight Data

You may enter or paste latitude/longitude values in any common format into the degrees input fields and finally optional convert them with the button →DMS.

Sydney Perth Darwin Melbourne Christchurch Auckland Papeete Santiago Punta Arenas Buenos Aires São Paulo Johannesburg London Moscow San Francisco Tokyo Singapore South Pole Back Track Create Flight Plan

To create a Flight Plan, enter values into the fields above or click one of the blue buttons for the corresponding Airport. As soon as 2 locations are entered, the Flight Plan will be computed and displayed here. A change in any Field immediately updates the Flight Plan and the Paths on the Flat Earth Map and the Globe Earth Map.

To create Flight Plans for succeeding Airports you can simply press any blue Airport button for the next destination. The current destination Dest becomes the new origin Orig and the choosen Airport becomes the new destinantion Dest.

See Abbreviations for a description of the fields.

  • The blue line (Way Points) connects the way points calculated with the flat earth model.
  • The red line (Navigation) shows the path an airplane would trace if it follows the courses and leg distances of the flight plan. The short red lines show the direction to local geographic north.
  • The green line (Great Circle) shows the shortest path on the globe between the departure and destination airport, as flown in real life.

Note, that the courses, as calculated with the flat earth model, applied on the real world (the globe) would lead to complete wrong flight paths, especially on the southern hemisphere. So not only do the distances not match between flat earth and globe, but also the navigation (courses) can not be applied to get to the target.


Orig. Origin Dest. Destination GC-Dist Great-circle distance
Orig-Id Origin ICAO Code Dest-Id Destination ICAO Code LegDist Leg Distance
TAS True Air Speed FF Fuel Flow FOB Fuel On Board
WP Way Point CRS Course DTG Distance To Go
TTA Time To Arrival DMS Deg/Min/Sec nmi nautical miles

More Informations

Url Parameters

You can specify the folloing URL Parameters to setup a specific state when calling this page:

Loc or Loc1
Latitude_Longitude or ID_Latitude_Longitude
Latitude_Longitude or ID_Latitude_Longitude
in usual formats, but separate deg, min and sec by * or ~
LegDist in nautical miles, default is 500
True Air Speed in knots, default is 470
Fuel Flow in units/h, default is 0
Fuel On Board in units, default is 0
Rotation angle of Globe, default is -225
Tilt of Globe, default is -25
Zoom of Globe, default is 0.95


1Movie Vertigo 9/8/2017 | 18:30

Great stuff!

Could you also add Qantas QF 27 Sydney to Santiago please?

2crowxe 9/8/2017 | 19:21

good work sir :)

3wabiswalter@bislins.ch (Walter Bislin, Author of this Page) 9/9/2017 | 03:52

Some more suggestions?

4T Mark Hightower 9/9/2017 | 06:54

Walter, I had a lot of fun doing calculations with this today. Did an around the world in the southern hemisphere test. GRU to JNB to SYD to SCL and back to GRU. Spherical Miles (hrs) are: 4627 (8:46) 6859 (12:46) 7054 (13:07) 1627 (3:25) for a total of 20167 miles in 38.07 hrs = 530 mph
Flat Miles are: 9626 14576 15956 3512 for a total of 43670 miles. If this could be covered in the spherical time of 38.07 hrs the flight speed would need to be 43670/38.07 = 1147 mph
For the spherical calcs I found it easiest to enter the flights in FlightMemory.com with the airport symbols and save the web page with the tabular results as an html file, and then I used OpenFlights.org where I imported the html file which generated a nice map of the flights. From there it was easy to click on the points on the map and select to get the latitude and longitude for the airports, which I then used as input into your calculator.
I also found oneworld.com useful where I was able to find the airports for the around the world southern hemisphere route that I chose. Thanks for creating this flat earth flight planner calculator. Very nice.

5Priyadi 9/9/2017 | 15:22

great job walter. may I suggest adding a preset for auckland-buenos aires and sydney-johannesburg?

6Priyadi 9/9/2017 | 15:25

Oh, and auckland-santiago please.

7Wolfie6020 9/10/2017 | 07:25

Hi Walter,

Perhaps a preset for Punta Arenas to Perth. SCCI-YPPH


Additionally, if possible the plan from Christchurch to Punta Arenas via the South Pole.



This was the route taken by Transpolar08 when it set the world record for a transpolar circumnavigation.


8DelBoy 9/10/2017 | 07:54

Excellent work Walter, well done.

9Wolfie6020 9/11/2017 | 01:54

Fabulous Walter.

The route YPPH to SCCI is quite revealing - on a Globe it goes past the South Pole and under 6000 Nautical miles.

Initial Heading is almost due South

On a Flat Earth it goes past the North Pole and is 15,800 Nautical miles with an initial Northerly heading.

I will make a video about this and showing what the FMS in the aircraft displays for distance and the direction between the airports.

10Priyadi 10/17/2017 | 20:42

preset for melbourne please. it looks like melbourne-santiago is the current holder of the most southerly long haul flight route.

11Crash, just Crash 12/21/2017 | 22:57

Wow! Nice work.

As a long time Microsoft flight sim enthusiast, I thought I would compare the a flat earth flight plan with one generated on a site I use to create flight plans for the sim. I selected YSSY -> SAEZ.

Flat earth distance: 14,431 nm
Globe distance: 6,674 nm

If nothing else, it's a whole lot cheaper to fly on a Globe... :-)

12DieHardFlatEarther 3/12/2018 | 19:47

The math behind this flight plan app is fake. No amount of sophistry will be able to disprove what is blatantly obvious = Earth is flat. Stop misleading people with your pseudoscience!

13wabiswalter@bislins.ch (Walter Bislin, Author of this Page) 3/12/2018 | 20:32


The math behind this flight plan app is fake.

So you found an error in my code at JavaScript: Creating Flight Plans for Flat Earth, which is based on the computations shown on Distances on Globe and Flat Earth?

Can you point me to the error please, or do you just claim it is fake because you don't understand it or reality does not fit your belief?

No amount of sophistry will be able to disprove what is blatantly obvious = Earth is flat.

So you belief airplanes fly using flat earth maps? Can you show me this maps please? No? Oh, there are still no Flat Earth Maps that match reality? If airplanes can fly the routes they do, you must have a map that works on the whole world. The problem for you is, we have a Globe model that works perfectly for all flight plans. Because Flat Earth and Globe are geometrically completely different (2D versus 3D), only one model can be right. Because flight plans are based on the Globe and work, this alone proves that the earth is a Globe!

Read Distances on Globe and Flat Earth, where I show the math behind computing distances on Globe and Flat Earth. I then compare some computed distances with reality derived from real flights and driven by cars. Computed Flat Earth distances are completely wrong, Globe distances are exactly what we measure.

So why is it obvious for you that the earth is flat? It's simple: the Globe is huge. The Globe model predicts that without technical aids we can barely see the curvature, except that the fact that there is a horizon and it does not raise to eye level if you measure it (see here), is clear evidence that we live on a Globe. But if you know where to see the curvature, you will find it:

But here is a challenge for you which simply shows that the earth must be a Globe and Flat Earth is wrong:

Can you compute the length of the equator E on Flat Earth and Globe from the known distances from the North Pole to the Equator D = 10,008 km on both models and the radius of the Globe R = 6371 km? Here are the simple formulas:

EFlatEarth = 2 · D · π = 62,822 km
EGlobe = 2 · R · π = 40,030 km

The real measured equator length is E = 40,030 km. Flat Earth is a factor of 1.57 to big! So this simple geometric fact alone roules out that the earth is flat.

But there are billions of measurements of the earth from Geodesy which measured the earth to cm accuracy, and it's a Globe, no doubt. Maps and Globe models are derived from this measurements. You can find huge amounts of measured points all over the world, which are still used as reference points for construction. Simply searching for so called Benchmarks.

Stop misleading people with your pseudoscience!

Then please show me your real science that explains how flight plans are computed or at least explain how the equator formula above is wrong. I showed you on this page that Flat Earth pseudoscience produces completely wrong flight paths, while if we base navigation on Globe science (it's not even science, simply geometry), we always reach the targets in time.

14Peter Pangea 4/5/2018 | 09:45

For anyone interested in following the journey on how the shape, surface area, volume and mass of the Earth were established as of the early 18th century the book "Weighing the World" by Edwin Danson reads like a first class thriller. Long before Samuel Rowbotham came up with his Flat Earth model research was initiated by the European rulers of their days. These "masters of all they surveyed", were completely oblivious of the size and shape of the land they owned. And hence were unsure of how to calculate the proper surface taxes for the use of their lands. Yep, money and power...The story reveals the ingenuity of these pioneering scientists, the way they used the celestial movements of planets and moons and size and shape of mountains to learn about our earth. We are standing on the shoulders of Giants indeed.

Walter, thank you for living up to that tradition. Great app!

15Marcos Storchevoy 4/26/2018 | 02:24

Excellent work, Walter. This is undeniable evidence of Earth's spherical shape. Here's a thing I wanted to address, the flight, QF32 used to fly from London to Sydney, with a refueling stop in Singapore. According to the fantasy flat earth, QF32 should have stopped in Tokyo, not Singapore. However, when you analyze the accurate globe, it now makes perfect sense why it stopped in Singapore. I have a suggestion, you should add the San Francisco to Tokyo route, because on the space pizza, the route takes you almost directly over the North Pole, and Alaska, heading north. However, in reality, flying west, over the Pacific will get you to Tokyo, without crashing into the magical dome.

16Martin 6/22/2018 | 21:42

Now it seems that SA221 and SA321 flight route from Sydney to London replaced QF32.

Or even better you can fly with Cathay Pacific CPA111 and CPA256 through Hongkong.

17Catherine Mitchell 7/9/2018 | 20:43

Thank you for this tool!!! x

18Catherine Mitchell 7/19/2018 | 05:54


pls test SYDNEY TO SANTIAGO on the flight map.

Santiago ends up in the sea and three question marks at 'destination'

19Manu78 - France 8/28/2018 | 14:07

Wonderful site :)
Being no physicist, no sicntist, and strongly attached to accepting as true only what I can understand, I had been somewhat disturbed by some flat earthers arguments regarding objects claimed to be visible whereas they should not considering the globe shape of the earth.
Thanx to your site (and your incredible apps !), everything is cristal clear now :):)
Tell Dubay, he will love it !
Thanx a lot
Best regards

20Sasquatch 11/24/2018 | 20:57

One this flight plan app to prove flat earth wrong you need to allow us to create a departure & destination not just a destination with departure preset (with where it's preset it creates a flaw)

21wabiswalter@bislins.ch (Walter Bislin, Author of this Page) 11/25/2018 | 17:10

Sasquatch: ...you need to allow us to create a departure & destination not just a destination with departure preset...

Did you not notice the very first row of input fields labeled Orig.? This is where you can enter any latitude/longitude for the departure. You don't have to use the preset buttons. You can even copy latitude/longitude coordinates in any common format into the degrees fields, as stated directly above the row, and they are converted into degree, minute and seconds automatically.

So there is no flaw.

22Robert Thomas 5/21/2019 | 01:33

I cannot thank you enough for what you have created both in terms tools and explaining the math used. I frequently use your flight planning tool in responding to FEers.

Some FEers now claim that intercontinental Southern Hemisphere flights are possible because of westerlies. This of course only works in one direction, but ignoring that fact, they are oblivious to the much greater distance of such a path on a flat Earth. (I came up with approx. 24,340 st miles Sydney to Santiago using AutoCAD. I calculated a little over 20,000 st miles following 33.659°S as they sometimes resort using to a cylindrical projection.)

  • Would it be difficult to plot and add the distance of the great circle path on the flat Earth?

Thanks again!

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