Flat Earthers Perspective (Flerspective)

Some Flat Earthers complain that Globers don't take perspective correctly into account in their calculations of curvature drop or hidden height. They claim that the calculations derived from orthographic views can not produce the correct results, because in orthographic views there is no perspective.

Their thinking comes from Samuel Rowbotham who claims that objects in the distance are not hidden from bottom up by earth curvature, but is an optical illusion caused by the resolution limit of the eye. Flat Earthers use images like the following to explain their perspective understanding:

The Flat Earth And The Law Of Perspective

This of course is not a valid orthographic representation from which the law of perspective, i.e. the calculation of angular size, can be derived, as is used in all 3D graphics software.

Implementation of Flerspective

What would a scene look like, if we use the image above to derive the perspective transformations of 3D software and the equations for angular size?

I implemented the kind of perspective demanded by Flat Earthers in my Curvature App. The following image is a screenshot of the result. Does this look like reality?

Correct Perspective Causeway compared with Reality

The left image is created using the correct perspective transformations as derived from orthographic drawings. It shows how the Causeway should look like on a globe earth with radius 6371 km. As we can see this matches exactly observations of reality.

Another Example of Flerspective

Correct Perspective Transmission Lines compared with Reality

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