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Source https://www.researchgate.net/publication/311527257_Enhancing_the_reliability_of_mobile_robots_control_process_via_reverse_validation
Authors Yuri Turygin, Pavol Bozek, Yuri Nikitin, Ella Sosnovich, Andrey Abramov
Received 5 May 2016
Accepted 6 July 2016
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The article deals with integrating the inertial navigation unit implemented into the system of controlling the robot. It analyses the dynamic properties of the sensors of the inertial unit, for example, gyroscopes and accelerometers. The implementation of the original system of controlling the mobile robot on the basis of autonomous navigation systems is a dominant part of the article. The integration of navigational information represents the actual issue of reaching higher accuracy of required navigational parameters using more or less accurate navigation systems. The inertial navigation is the navigation based on uninterrupted evaluation of the position of a navigated object by utilizing the sensors that are sensitive to motion, that is, gyroscopes and accelerometers, which are regarded as primary inertial sensors or other sensors located on the navigated object.


AU - Turygin, Yuri
AU - Bozek, Pavol
AU - Nikitin, Y.
AU - Sosnovich, Ella
AU - Abramov, Andrey
PY - 2016/12/08
SP -
T1 - Enhancing the reliability of mobile robots control process via reverse validation
VL - 13
DO - 10.1177/1729881416680521
JO - International Journal of Advanced Robotic Systems
ER -

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