JavaScripts: Curvature App Demo

Download a self contained working version of the Curvature App.

CurvatureApp_2017-12-15.zip Containes all neccessary javascript sources, style sheets and a html demo page.

All Javascript-Moduls come in minified form and in original form in the src subdirectory. You can choose which one to use in the CurvatureApp.html sourcefile by commenting out the not needed section.


Download the archive CurvatureApp_2017-12-15.zip and unzip it. Copy all files in a directory of your choice, eg. CurvatureApp.

All Scripts and Moduls are free. You may use and change them without notification and use them even comercially free of charge. But do not sell the individual moduls without permission.


If you have questions, please contanct walter@bislins.ch


15.12.2017 Redesign and New: Soundly Demo of Causeway
06.11.2017 New: Tensas Bayou animation added
01.11.2017 First Version
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Created Mittwoch, 1. November 2017
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Changed Freitag, 15. Dezember 2017